BOOK: The Unknown Art of Driving

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BOOK: The Unknown Art of Driving


An ultimate guide for ANY driver for ANY situation or environment!

Did you ever get the urge to push your limits? This book offers a new perspective on driving, which up to this point has never been known. Your awareness and skills will improve with each chapter so that you can handle ANY situation or driving environment, with ease. - What’s the difference between Stunt, Rally Driving and Precision driving? - What is the best way to deal with police or the courts? - How to improve your night driving? - What is the difference between Ethics and Law? - How to remedy your fear about going fast? - How to assess roads, terrains, tracks, etc. so as to increase your speed? - What is the “Cannonball drill” and how it can improve your driving skill? - How to choose or create the right vehicle for your needs? - What to watch out for in any city, locale or country? - Why the U.S. doesn’t make the best drivers? - Why it’s important to trust your senses and develop your perceptions? - How to get in communication with your vehicle? - Learn about the Champagne slalom: A drill created by a three-time Formula 1 champion that takes your driving skill to a whole new level! This is a practical guide to increase your awareness and your abilities as a driver. It doesn’t matter if you are 18 or 80 you will benefit from this book. The son of a European rally driver, Lawrence Ribeiro has driven in blizzards, jungle, the desert, and other hostile environments, where evading pursuit was a very real and necessary skill. Lawrence discovered that there are common denominators in each of these scenarios and environments. Whether your drive is a daily commute to work, you drive professionally, or you require the total concentration and skill of a racer, the information and practical exercises in this book will increase your ability as a driver to a whole new level. Are you ready to enter the unknown?

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"A quick and dirty guide to driving better, avoiding accidents, and enjoying a vehicle. The author explains in simple, easily relatable terms how to drive better. Period. The writing style is unique, but the information is invaluable and can be used immediately to be a more competent driver."

"Ever since the dawn of the automobile man has been motoring in confusion.

Until now.

Ribeiro hews a path out of the dense jungle of common misperceptions and false assumptions
to deliver a cutting edge driving technology on par with holographic imaging.

This book is a mental re-boot that will empower any driver, with any skill level, to up their inner
and outer game and become more skilled at navigating any traffic situation in any condition.

More importantly, getting armed with skill and knowledge will make you a safer driver and may even
save your life.

Read this book and the only thing in your rear view mirror will be a wake of domination based on total control."