FILMMAKER MAGAZINE: Afternoon Smackdown

October 19, 2014

Afternoon Smackdown: Pre-Vis’ing a Fight Scene

Written by Scott Macaulay, Editor

Action cinematographer Lawrence Ribeiro forwards this short video of an afternoon’s work — literally. Below, he explains how, with a camera and two top stuntmen, he can mock-up a dynamic fight scene.

From Ribeiro:

Here’s a chase and fight sequence we shot, in five hours, using two top stunt professionals and one camera. In 2nd unit, we’d consider this type of shooting a level above pre-visualization (previs). Previs i a critica too for designing action sequences. Sometimes all a script will say is, “…and they fight.” So videos like this allow us to experiment with choreography, and save time and money, before we get on set. In this ca, this video was an exercis n creating atmosphere, mood, and tempo. nd we wanted to create something fun on the fly!

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