Lawrence Ribeiro is a Director and Cinematographer who specializes in combining stunts, culture, movement and aesthetics forming Action Design. Lawrence has shot and directed well over 100 action sequences, from car chases and motorcycle stunts to fight sequences and has been mentored by the top stunt coordinators in the industry – Garrett Warren, Gary Powell and Andy Armstrong. His recent collaborations include editor extraordinaire Rick Pearson and Hollywood legend Doug Trumbull. Earlier in his career, Lawrence trained classically under well-known cinematographer Howard Wexler and under Lane Leavitt, a top innovator in the stunt world. 

Lawrence's love for action and the arts was fused in his unique upbringing. His father was a Navy frogman, professional rally driver and robotic engineer and his mother was a lover of all art forms. By the age of 21, Lawrence had traveled over 60,000 miles around the globe. His curiousity and sense for adventure led him to some of the most dangerous environments and jobs in the world, from heli-logging to mountain search and rescue to conflict zones. 

Lawrence has written the book, The Unknown Art of Driving, and is releasing his second book, Action 101 - A Guide to 2nd Unit/Action and the Arts. He has written for ICG, MovieMaker and Filmmaker Magazines. Lawrence has given talks at the Art Center College of Design and at Film Independent, and currently serves on the Advisory Council for the Previsualization Society. Lawrence is honored to be a finalist judge for the Emmys. In his free time, Lawrence enjoys treasure hunting, Native American mythology/culture, 1960s-1970s African-American culture, art appreciation, hiking and hockey.

Innovating and testing



Lawrence Ribeiro & Team consists of:

  • Producers
  • Creative Directors
  • Cinematographers
  • Stunt Coordinators
  • Stunt Performers
  • Fight Coordinators & Choreographers
  • Drivers (Stunt, Precision, Rally, Drifting)
  • Flame & Fire Specialists
  • High Falls Specialists
  • Cirque Du Soleil Performers
  • Motorcycle Riders (Trick, High speed, Trail)
  • Helicopter Pilots
  • Ultimate & Russian Arm Follow Vehicles & Drivers
  • Ex-Special Forces Vets (Navy Seals, SAS)
  • Sound Designers
  • Previz specialists
  • Editors – 2nd unit/trailers

Our services include (partial list):

  • Treatments, Pitches & Scripts
  • Pre-visualization (Previz)
  • Storyboarding & Shotlisting
  • Filming (1st and 2nd Unit)
  • Stunt Rigging/Wire Work
  • Action Design
  • Post Production VFX
  • Action Sound Design

Specialty services:

  • Inventors & Innovators
  • Scientists & Physics Experts
Safety meeting before filming

Safety meeting before filming

Me with legend Doug Trumbull

Me with legend Doug Trumbull